Installation art

Installation artworks for various occasions and events, in collaboration with Jolita Vaitkute

For several days the marble stairs of Lithuanian National Library became a cosy place to read books or chat, as well as an artwork that is completely different when looking from two separate angles.

8 portraits of well-known Lithuanian writers.
Paper on books
Lithuanian National Library

Perspective installation depicting professor Vytautas Landsbergis.
Made out of film, cameras, music instruments, computers, vinyls, paintbrushes and other items.
Lithuanian National Library


Original photograph by Steve McCurry (reproduced with permission).
Installation by Jolita Vaitkute and Emilija Vinzanovaite.

Perspective work made of 15 kg of apricots, 8 kg of plums, 6 kg of nectarines, 7 kg of cherries, 1 kg of blueberries, 2 kg of lettuce, depicting the famous Afghani girl ­ war refugee, captured by photographer Steve McCurry. 
Living in developed countries, we can easily purchase a variety of food, even that which is naturally grown elsewhere. But there are millions of poor people in the world i.e. inhabintants of underdeveloped countries, the ones living in agriculture unfavorable climatic areas, and war refugees. All these people can't access food that easily. By choosing the popular photo "Afghan Girl" by photographer Steve McCurry (this photo captured in 1984 depicts an Afghani girl who lived in Pakistan as a refugee during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan at the time), we would like to point out that, seeing the abundant variety of food on our counters and at homes, we should not lose sight of those who currently live in poverty.
All food used to make Afghan girl was given for Food bank Lithuania.

Big thanks to Armas Rudaitis, Pigstar visuals, LRT.


By Jolita Vaitkute and Emilija Vinzanovaite, artwork for Office Day.

Reproduction of famous Albert Einstein portrait, made out of 1000+ pencils.


A perspective composition of fruits hanging in the air. 
By Jolita Vaitkute and Emilija Vinzanovaite.
Nowadays honeybees are faced with a bunch of factors threatening survival of these honey-producing insects. For example, various pests, pathogens, toxic chemicals (pesticides), loss of habitats and varroa mites (Varroa destructor). All these factors lead to fatal mass bee colony collapse (so called "colony collapse disorder"). Bees are responsible for pollination of one third of plants used for human food. The fruits used for the installation are just a small part of food diversity that humanity loses if bees disappear.

jonas basanavicius

Perspective composition made of paper. 
By Jolita Vaitkute and Emilija Vinzanovaite in collaboration with LiJOT campaign "Man ne dzin".

The aim of the campaign was to encourage citizens to participate in voting for government. Various famous Lithuanians wrote in the papers why they care about who will be elected, and their thoughts became the part of the artwork.
The portrait is of Jonas Basanavicius, one of the main statesmen who established the grounds for country's independence and democracy.


By Jolita Vaitkute and Emilija Vinzanovaite.

Collection of 3 artworks - reproductions of former Lithuanian currency - litas, made from Lithuanian food products.
These works are a monument for litas, which was circulating in Lithuanian economy from 1993 to 2015, when euro was introduced.