gesture choreography | wash. by bon iver

the last month in Norway was rich with experiences. this is one of them. 
blessed to work with these wonderful artists, Kelsie Steil and Zoé Eskes.
thank You.

This project is about the responses of accepting reality and what this process is like. No matter who you are, or where you come from, you are faced with the challenge of contemplating reality throughout your life. This gesture choreography project serves to show the confusing, dreamlike quality of these experiences.


Lifjell | Norge


120 mm


120 mm


Untitled #

International space station

Those who have traveled the most. Around the Earth in 90 minutes. Every day, 16 sunsets and sunrises. For the whole year.

By the sea

Infinity above us

Norge on film


Lithuanian Aurora borealis. Cats. People. The wind. The sun. 
This autumn is on fire.

Full and empty

Green miracles

1,2 - Huperzia selago - northern firmoss
3 - Lupinus polyphyllus - many-leaved lupine
4 - Silene lituanica
5 - Diphasiastrum complanatum - groundcedar
6 - Leucanthemum vulgare - oxeye daisy 

Photos taken in Dzūkijos National Park
Lens: Helios 44-2